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Another fabulous gathering for the DCI Network on the 24th of July 2013

The DCI Network at Selections Warehouse was wonderfully attended.  We had the Open Design CT team, Tsai from Tsai Design Studios, Christo Maritz from Infestation and Maciek Dublo join us to share information about the 10 day festival, exhibition and talks coming up on the 21st of August. I was so inspired that I will be doing a tour on the 28th of August, taking intersted people around by coach to see some of the fabulous things that will be lined up. Our stops will include The City Hall where we will see The One Stop Design Shop, a WDC2014 Preview,  Bibliophilia pop up shop and the Design Is For All exhibition.  We will aso stop at The Bank  to see the contemporary design exhibition In Con'text and at the Salt Circle Arcade amongst other stops. Very excting Stuff!

Thanks to Steven Harris and Andrea Couvert, curators for WDC2014, for joining us at the breakfast and for giving us an update and information about the proposal process.

Also thanks to my wonderful, always sponsors Sir Juice for making my breakfasts (and tours) very juicy indeed. Much appreciated!  Thanks to ABA Cleaners, Ray Harris,  for the voucher for the lucky draw and to Groote Post.. another always sponsor of mine.

Lacia Gess

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