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The DCI Network meeting with Alayne Reesberg on WDC2014

The Design, Construction and Interiors Network meeting on the 8th of May 2013 was fantastic, with over 70 professionals from the Industry attending.  Our guest speaker, Alayne Reesbeg, CEO of Cape Town Design, the implementing company for WDC2014 helped clarify some of the hazy areas around the WDC2014.  Alayne's main message of the morning was don't wait to be told what to do but rather get on with doing it. According to Alayne everyone in the Industry can get involved in the WDC2014, even if it is just to use the increased vistor opportunity to create awareness about your product or service.

If you are keen to do a proposal for WDC2014 and have not already done so then look out for the next call for proposals around June/July 2013

The four themes are:-

   African innovation. Global conversation    (African Ideas that speak to the world)

 Bridging the Divide  (Design that reconnects our city and reconciles our communities)

Today for Tomorrow (Sustainable Solutions for people and planet)

Beautiful Spaces. Beautiful Things (Inspiring Architecture, Interiors, Food, Fashion, Jewelry, Craft, Art and creativity)

All in all, very exciting stuff.  Anyone and everyone should be using the yellow supporters badge which can be downloaded

I am looking forward to seeing how things develop over the next couple of months.




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