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Design Dialogue with keynote speaker Leatrice Eiseman

The Design Dialogue held at Freeworld Design Centre managed by Decorex and sponsored by Plascon was enjoyed by all. Leatrice Eiseman, the keynote speaker, shared the Future Color Trends: Fantasies and Realities with us.

Leatrice shared nine different colour palettes and this is just a little extract of what she inspired us with on the morning.

Connoisseur - Sophisticated and refined with colour combinations of Violets, Orchids, Liquid Pink Nectar, Deep Mahogany, White Alyssum, Beechnut Green against beautiful Champagne Beige and Silver.

Glamour - Sleek and sensuous with an art deco influence with colors Rio Red, Monaco Blue, Tap Shoe black, chinchilla, ethereal gray Moon Mist and Jasper Teal combined with Champagne Beige and Sliver.

New Old School - Preppy styling with a classic palette. Colors reflected here were influenced by iconic flags and banners and included Ribbon Red, Nautical Blue, Bright White as well as Sodalite blue, Nautical Blue, Breen and Ultramarine Green. Gargoyle and Micro Chip grays link the old world and the new.

Rugged Individuals – This cowboy and cowgirl style inspires natural shadings of polished leather, worn wood and animal hides and the earthy tones of Prairie Sand and Raw Sienna blended with Vintage Indigo and Stonewash denim.

Extracts - Spicy tones combined with fruity oranges are combined in  this trend with a delectable colour palette of Spiced Coral, Brandied Melon, Apple Cinnamon and peaceful Dusty Pink and Baked Clay balanced with Green Banana.

Footprints - Vibrant tribal colors, bold and directional. Tangerine Tango, Peacock Blue, Pink Flambé and solar-powered yellow as well as Oasis, a yellow green and Sudan Brown.

Sojourn - Wonderful wine hue, Syrah and purple, Black Plum combined with rosy Foxglove and Baron Rouge fuchsia against Pampas and green Winter Moss, Cobblestone and Shitake.

Surface Treatments - Textured and Tactile, this colour palette is reminiscent of the sea, sand and air. Maui Blue, Vapor Blue, Tornado Gray, Fallen Rock, Birch are combined with Agave Green and Medal Bronze.

Out of the Ordinary - This quirky and whimsical trend shows colour combinations such as Bonnie Blue, Pureed Pumpkin, Chocolate Truffle, Amber Green, Linden Green, Golden Rod, Bright Violet and Rosebud... inspiring creativity and imagination.

Thanks to Decorex and Plascon for organizing and sponsoring this fabulous function and this wonderful inspirational speaker.



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