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Ergosystems walling Solutions (Pty) Ltd

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Our products

Ergosystem has embraced every aspect or discipline of the partitioning, screening, panelling or divider market. We manufacture a variety of hardware solutions for a number of different applications detailed in specific sections on this website. At the same time we are able to provide a number of decorative finishes and textures to enhance the end product we provide. 

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Ergosystem Walling Solution

Ergo 50

Ergo 50 is as green as it gets. Besides being reusable, its components are all completely recyclable. It´s also energy efficient. When transparent panels are specified, the natural light Ergo 50 lets through significantly cuts down on lighting costs. 

Ergo 50 adds to wellbeing. Sick building syndrome is a well-documented contributor to unhappiness and a lack of productivity in the office environment. With Ergo 50´s unique range of panel finishes, one can bring the outside in and create a working environment that´s truly inspiring. 


HORIZON accommodates a full range of retrofitted accessories in the form of paper trays, file holders, pen holders, name plates and hat and coat hooks. These are suspended by means of a function rail. White boards and pinning facilities may also be retrofitted to the screens. 

The first and most obvious benefit of a demountable system is that it can be dismantled, relocated, and re-erected in less than a day. This means whether a business grows, downsizes or changes location, a demountable system can adapt to its changing needs - essential in today´s uncertain economic climate. 


The latest addition to the Faram P600 family is the Faram P650 range. This is a high-tolerance, single glazed partition, which is super-transparent and ultra-thin. 

A uniquely created and developed partitioning and dividing wall, this is a high-tech product which is primarily used in partitioning walls or to re-organize the interior of office and other spaces in the commercial world. Of special note is that the Faram P650 system is perfect for enhancing decorating schemes and has highly-coordinated details in the design. This makes an attractive option when looking for the perfect solution for your partitioning needs. 


For design and development excellence call on Kubik, the experts that transform spaces making design dreams become a reality. Kubik offers top-of-the-range superior products and solutions to assist developers, interior designers and architects to grasp trendsetting projects. 


MirroFlex is a versatile product which is basically three-dimensional thermoplastic panels which are decorated, and used to transform any room and add character and charm to the most mundane décor. 

MirroFlex is a malleable product which is easily rolled up for transportation purposes, but is rigid and strong when laminated for use. Flat sheets are available either in roll form or sheet form, and are available in various 3D patterns which are manufactured in a variety of sizes that you can choose from. 

These sheets are light-weight and have chemical and stain resistant properties; installation of these sheets is also quite a simple process. MirroFlex flat sheets can be ordered with a pressure-sensitive adhesive backing, and can also be die-cut and screen printed. 

MirroFlex is manufactured in a large assortment of colours and designs with engraving sheets, signage, edge-banking and imitation mirrors also available. 


Interlam has taken walling from boring and mundane to exciting and unique. Flat walling is so yesterday, and new inspirational designs are the current rage for office interiors. 

This product will breathe new life into any office, retail or hospitality interior, transforming the insipid into a wonderland that will inspire enthusiasm from both employees and visitors alike. 

Top-of-the-range surfaces will increase the value of any space inspired by this exceptional product. 

An extensive range of no fewer than 116 carved, sculpted and textured architectural wall panelling products will dramatize your working environment; choose from a plethora of texture and colour finishes which will create a space that is both unique and inspirational. 

You will be able to choose from twenty eight ornamental wall panel patterns from the new Elements range, as well as four new designs from the Mirage range of panels. These include waves, repetitive and continuous designs and patterns as well as ornamental textures. 


Founded in 1991, 3form has produced materials and products that are steered by the environment and that boast outstanding, state-of-the-art designs. A highly qualified and committed group of specialists consisting of engineers and fabricators, support both designers and architects on various projects as they are well-versed in finding solutions to all challenges 


The Environment

Ergosystem manufactures and represents products which are environmentally friendly; its processes and products are non-toxic and no bio chemical waste products are produced. The company is committed to reducing the impact the business and its products have on the environment. 

Product Offerings

Ergosystem’s product offerings are generally environmentally friendly, sustainable and re-useable ensuring longevity when using our products. Of course when the product life cycle is close to its end, almost every item is recyclable. Ergosystem’s two products namely 3form’s 100% and Ergosystem GreenScreen are made from 100% post consumer waste. 

Manufacturing Processes

Ergosystem’s manufacturing is generally assembly based, however none of our processes or bonding agents are hazardous. They are water-based and VOC free. 


With respect to the company’s daily activities, energy saving, route planning, waste separation, conservation and recycling form the basis of our day to day efforts. 

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